Stop disrupting your team.

Peak is the automated way to keep track of what everyone is working on.

  • Steve is drowning in email.
  • William has been coming in early this week.
  • Brandon has been working nights lately.
  • Rebecca brought in 2 new contracts.
  • Moeed is working on those mockups.
  • Ian is committing code like crazy.
  • Gianni is working on 4 projects.

Shoulder taps kill productivity.

Interruptions are the biggest enemy to your team's productivity. Studies have shown that it takes as long as 30 minutes to get back "in the zone" after getting disrupted. Peak lets your team stay focused on their work without interruption, while automatically keeping everyone in the loop.

Completely automated.

Peak automatically reports what everyone's working on. There's nothing to input, upload, or type out. Simply connect the services you already work with.


Peak offers detailed tracking of your team’s activity on GitHub.


Peak keeps you in the loop on your team’s Basecamp activity by providing thorough updates when new discussions are created, comments and files are posted, and to-do’s are assigned.


Peak lets you easily keep track of every file that your team members have created or modified in Dropbox.


Peak integrates Harvest time-tracking, providing concise updates on the amount of time your employees have clocked throughout the day.

Google Drive

Peak intregates with Google Drive, allowing you to view and open any files that your employees create or modify.

Google Calendar

Peak integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to view the total amount of time spent in meetings each day.


Peak tracks your employees gmail activity by recording the number of emails they send and receive each day.

Request an Integration

Is there a service that your company uses that you would like to see integrated with Peak? We would love to hear about it. Submit your request using the form below and we will notify you when this service integration is available.

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We are always working to add more service integrations to Peak, and we'll be sure to notify you when any of your requested integrations become available.

Insights to understand your team.

Learn things like what hours specific people work best during, which days are most productive, who's busier than usual, and more. Peak gives you smart insights to better understand the way your team works best.

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